About Us

The beginning of our little hobby began in 2012 when I purchased my dream car, a 57 Chevy Belair. I wanted a 57 t shirt, not having any luck finding any good ones, I decided to research how to create my own. Then I thought, if I cant find the shirt I want, I bet no one else can either. So I did a little more research, (in fact over 3 years research) into screen printing, t shirt transfers etc etc. until the right solutions were found. I have been an Automotive Photographer since 2008 for work and hobby, so I had plenty of photos to work with. Finally we bought our machines, printers etc etc and had supplier contacts. So then The Cherry Bomb Shop was created and have not looked back. We believe that everyone should be able to see their own cars, bikes are some really cool stuff. As we can always buy generic items but not many people do what we do, the custom work at a reasonable cost and putting some absolutely awesome smiles on faces. Its such a joy and we make sure to make things affordable for our clients as possible. We hope to add more products as we go along and we hope that once you make your first purchase, that you will be back for more, as that’s what its all about. Continuous and ongoing smiles.